• Bred by John Massey this is Hellebore Anna

    A Treasure for my Garden

    12th March 2012Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    Bred by John Massey this is Hellebore Anna
    I am now the proud owner of one of this season’s hottest plants, Hellebore ‘Anna’ – bred by John Massey and named in honour of Anna Pavord. She is a dark beauty with ruby-red flowers and veined dark green leaves that have rich red reverses when young. Having mastered the art of hellebore growing in my garden, I felt happy that the considerable investment would not be wasted and that I will enjoy her company for many years to come. Hellebores like shade, but do not like to be overhung by low growing shrubs that will gradually stop them flowering. I moved several thus afflicted last autumn and they are already rewarding me with flowers.