• polystyrene fish box

    A Lightbulb Moment

    12th November 2009Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    polystyrene fish box I’ve been using polystyrene fish boxes as planters for a few years now – they are lightweight and have inbuilt insulation. With a coat of Cuprinol Garden Shades (I favour ‘Willow’), their origins – if not the smell, which takes a while to wear off, are disguised.  In the general tidy up last month I was stacking the empty boxes and noticed how snugly one fitted inside the other and I realised that I could use them as seed germinators. I placed pots of newly sown seeds in the smaller box and then slotted the bigger one over the top – voila, a well-insulated, temperature stable, light-excluding propagator. It works a treat.