• A Golden Moment

    22nd May 2013GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    the WaterAid Garden at Chelsea 2013 I’m a keen supporter of WaterAid and the work it does in bringing clean water and sanitation to areas of the world where both are all too scarce, so I’m delighted that their Artisan garden at Chelsea was awarded a Gold Medal. Depicting a floriculture business in India, the gloriously colourful garden is hung with marigolds, roses and hanging garlands being grown and prepared for sale, with a backdrop of a simple house on stilts. By having access to clean water and sanitation people’s lives are transformed and women and children freed from the burdens and dangers of collecting water, giving them the time to earn a living and get an education. The rainwater harvesting jar (on the left) collects water in times of high rainfall, for use in times of water scarcity or when flooding has contaminated ground water sources.
    rose planted alongside brass garden tap rainwater harvesting jar