• A Cupcake that’s Guaranteed to be Non-Fattening

    8th August 2014Stephanie's BlogStephanie Donaldson

    I was invited to look round Thompson & Morgan’s trial grounds this week and of all the flowers that I saw there, the one that stole my heart was a new cosmos that they are trialling – I think it looks rather like a cross between a cosmos and an Angels Choir poppy.  I’m not sure that Cupcake would be my choice of name, but then I’m not a fan of said cakes, but I do think it is a great addition to the cosmos range and will make a lovely cut flower.  Unfortunately we will have to wait a year before the seed is available as they are still building stocks. Cosmos are invaluable in the garden at this time of year when they fill the spaces left by the earlier flowers that have gone to seed.