• A Bit of Set Dressing in the Garden

    1st March 2016GeneralStephanie Donaldson

    The corner underneath the mimosa tree has been looking rather sad and neglected.  It’s a difficult spot because the roots of the tree  make it difficult to get anything to grow there and at some point I will  extend the paved area in front of it, where I  have my pot pond and a selection of seasonal displays. We have also cut the ivy growing on the wall hard back  before any birds start nesting.  The ivy will recover quickly, but in the meantime I felt the need to make things a bit more interesting by moving pots of box from elsewhere in the garden, adding my collection of rhubarb forcers, the bottle dryer that holds some of my terracotta pots  and a chimney pot topped with a stone ball.  They draw the eye away from the bare wall for the next few weeks and form a more decorative backdrop to the spring bulbs. garden pots