• plant labels made from sticks in the garden

    3 Simple Garden Hacks

    28th October 2014GeneralDaniel Carruthers

    Snail Shell Cane Topper
    An abandoned snail shell makes for an attractive cane topper. Bamboo canes sticking up out of the ground or pots are a potential hazard, particularly when masked by leaves. A simple snail shell placed on top of the cane can provide valuable protection for your eyes. a snail shell on top of a garden cane

    Wooden plant labels
    wooden plant labels

    Instead of spending money on plastic plant labels why not take advantage of the twigs in your garden. Use a Stanley knife or a potato peeler to peel back the bark at the end of a twig to provide a clean visible surface on which to write a plant name. Fresh bark is usually easier to peel back. If freshly pruned make sure you put this in upside down or it might start to grow !

    Wooden coat hook

    Next time you’re out pruning or cleaning up branches after a storm keep a look out for branch junctions that can be easily made into wall hooks. A rustic alternative to traditional coat hooks these can be jotted around the greenhouse or shed. A great talking point in the house and quite useful for hanging up your coat too.