Where the Water Buffalo Roam

Rather bizarrely I’ve visited two gardens within a week, both of which are surrounded by farmland on which they are raising water buffalo. I hadn’t realised they were quite so ubiquitous. That said, I didn’t actually see any buffalo, but I did see some gorgeous plants in lovely surroundings.

The Buildings

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impressive display of pelargoniums in pots on staging pelargonium in full flower prize pelargonium gorgeous red flower overall view of the garden at the buildings
First garden was at The Buildings, Broughton, near Stockbridge in Hampshire where Gillian Pugh has a wonderful collection of species pelargoniums which reminded me how lovely they are. It was really too early to fully appreciate her gravel garden packed with a marvellous collection of dry garden plants. It is in its prime in high summer and autumn, but it will be open in aid of the NGS later in the year. It certainly gets my recommendation for a visit if you are in the area.

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