Totally Barking

My usual suppliers of amenity bark for mulching the woodland part of the garden (we are talking square metres not acres) can no longer deliver down our narrow road because they have sold their small lorry. I asked around for recommendations and a friend put me in touch with a local tree surgeon who could deliver a free load of fresh chippings that will be fine for the paths but needs to compost down for a while before it can be used on the beds. ‘Never mind I thought, the bark already on the paths is well-rotted so I will transfer it to the beds and put the fresh bark on the paths’. Only problem is there is rather a lot of it. I normally order one bag at a time, but by the time my son and his friend had transferred the chippings off the driveway and into bags, I now have a Hadrian’s Wall of four ton bags. Either the paths will be several inches above the adjoining beds, or I’m going to have to think of something else I can do with the surplus.

2 Responses to Totally Barking

  1. Carmen Mastin

    Cannot find out where you are. Hopefully in the UK. It makes it so much more interesting to know which part of the Country you are in.

  2. The Enduring Gardener

    Hi Carmen – I’m based near on the South Coast of England – near Hastings.

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