Spring’s on Fast-Forward – Again

[portfolio_slideshow]I seem to remember that last year spring all happened very fast and the same thing seems to be happening this year with everything flowering at once. Of course it does all look quite wonderful, but I find that unless I look carefully every day, plants that usually grow over weeks are up and in flower in a trice. The purple honesty all seemed to come into flower last Saturday completely changing the colour scheme of much of the garden, the bluebells are in full fig, this morning the camassias are open and the ferns are rocketing skywards. And I don’t remember a better year for violets. The accompanying gallery features some of the highlights in the garden at the moment.

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One thought on “Spring’s on Fast-Forward – Again

  • May 11, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    The same ‘fast forward’ spring is happening in Montreal. It’s wonderful to see so many things blooming so vigorously, it’s frustrating to think a bloom may come and go before you’ve noticed it. And it’s worrying to think the seasons may become compressed.

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