Sam the Snowdrop

If I could only grow one snowdrop it would be ‘Sam Arnott’ – while most are just showing colour, Sam is in full flower, tall and elegant and when/if the sun shines, delightfully fragrant. I was lucky enough to visit Colesbourne Park (famed for their snowdrops) a few years ago and was bowled over by a large drift of Sam Arnott that was a fragrant as it was beautiful. The keen eyed might notice that a bumble bee has found this modest cluster of flowers.

3 Responses to Sam the Snowdrop

  1. Snowdrops do look great in drifts in a woodland setting

  2. I visited the Rococo Gardens at Painswick last February and the pictures show you really can’t beat them en masse. Just beautiful! And like you’ve managed to catch on camera great early food for our bees.

  3. The Enduring Gardener

    I like your photo’s Alison, they’re stunning.

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