Ranunculus Rising

The ranunculus that I planted in pots at the end of November are on the move despite the cold and the poor light levels. The good thing about growing them slowly, rather than in heat, is that they will be sturdier plants than those that will be on sale at garden centres in a couple of months time. Too often they have been forced and not properly hardened off and have a tendency to collapse rather than fulfil their promise. The pots with no sign of life are anemones that are biding their time and will put in an appearance when they are good and ready.

Ranunculus plants in pots of gritty compost.

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One thought on “Ranunculus Rising

  • July 10, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Hello there

    I just stumbled across your site whilst trying to research growing ranunculus

    I am getting married next April and we are on a tight budget so hoping to do as much as we can ourselves. I know flowers are a tricky one. We have a garden ourselves, it’s still doing very well, just had our first batch of strawberries.

    I was wondering how you go on with the Ranunuclus. And wondering when they started flowering?

    I’m hoping to have them ready for the wedding, 26 April, but I don’t mind if they are still closed buds as I think they are just as pretty.

    Thanks! Claire

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