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ivy leaved geraniums plug plants in tray

The website for Plant me Now describes itself as ‘a bunch of gardeners with an online garden centre’. That sounds friendly and approachable, which is always a good start and checking the ‘About Us’ section reveals that they are also experienced and very enthusiastic about what they are doing. Over the next few months they will be sending me a selection of plants to see if I like them. So far I’ve received plugs of coleus and ivy-leaved geraniums, both of which arrived in tiptop condition. For their plug plants they use a compost that has some glue in it, ensuring that the compost and root ball don’t part company. Next month they will be sending me perennial flowers. I’ve had a little browse through what else they offer and have already spotted some rather wonderful dahlias – Mero Star, Osirium and Painted Lady – a really gorgeous trio that I’m sure I can find a space for. I suspect that there are many more temptations if I allow myself to look further. If you are similarly tempted and would like to buy plants online then this is well worth a look.

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  1. They look very well packaged

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