Perk up your Pinks

dianthus plant rootballIf your pinks (dianthus) are looking a bit leggy you can get them looking good again by digging them up and then planting them much deeper so that all the straggly bits of stem are below soil level. They will send out new roots along the buried stems and lose that air of neglect. You can do this with lavenders too. A top dressing of gravel will stop the stems springing up again.
dianthus plant new shoots

3 Responses to Perk up your Pinks

  1. That’s very useful – I am hopeless at pruning in a timely way and they and lavenders always end up leggy.

  2. I love this – I will use this flower as a topper on my cousin’s valentines. We are separated by miles – but you wouldn’t know. We send each other snail mail and little crafts weekly. Thanks for this wonderful flowers new idea.

  3. Please could you tell me what a good time to split my pinks
    as they have grown very large

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