Mr Postman Please Be Kind to Bees

bees take residence in a postbox
It would appear that the Post Office hasn’t got the message that bees are a good thing and that killing them is a bad thing, even when they interfere with the postal service.  Walking down a lane in Suffolk we came across this letterbox which had been taped up with black and yellow tape to stop people posting letters because some bees had taken up residence.  The result was frantic buzzing from inside, lots of bees trying to find their way in and many dead bees who had died trying to get into the box.  We tried to poke some holes in the tape but it fell off  (whoops) resulting in much happy bee activity.  I can’t imagine that anyone would be daft enough to try and post a letter in a box so clearly occupied by bees, but surely the correct action would be to put up a sign saying ‘Box out of action until bees can be moved’ and then call on the help of a local beekeeper?  We need all our bees.

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One thought on “Mr Postman Please Be Kind to Bees

  • August 24, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Royal Mail staff also annoy me by throwing their red thick rubber bands all over the place, which kill a number of hedgehogs who think they are worms! Is there anything we can do collectively to write to Royal Mail??

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