5 Good Reasons to use a Garden Designer

Reasons Why a Gardener Should Use a Designer

  1. Hard landscaping isn’t like plants, you can’t transplant it if you don’t like the effect
  2. A fresh eye can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the existing garden
  3. A good designer will listen to what you want and guide you through what is – and isn’t – possible for your budget
  4. If you don’t know what you want, a designer will help you draw up a wish list (e.g. a place to sit in the sun, a wildlife pond, a herb garden) and stop you going off at a tangent
  5. A good designer will make sure the elements of your new garden create a cohesive whole rather than patchwork of disparate styles

If you still fancy designing your own garden then be sure to check out the guides in our garden design area.

4 Responses to 5 Good Reasons to use a Garden Designer

  1. What an AMAZING photo! Is that a shed?! I am seriously envious!! : )

  2. The Enduring Gardener

    Yes that’s a shed Anna, unfortunately it’s not mine though. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Its really Amazing… And nice photos. I enjoying this post ade helpful to me. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. 100% true!! A professional landscaper is the one who know about the needs of garden and imagine how beautiful it would be. Landscape designer can create the harmony between the man-made and natural elements.
    They can make your dream garden a reality with garden design secrets and ideas.

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