Wheelbarrow Booster

bag that increases the volume your wheelbarrow can holdThanks to the various leafblowers I’ve been testing, I now have several large heaps of leaves that need to be transported to the leaf heap. The thing about leaves is that they are very light but bulky and I find that if I fill it above the rim they tend to swirl out of the wheelbarrow as I move around the garden– which turns it into a tedious and timewasting process. There are solutions, like throwing a hessian sack over the barrow, but none are entirely satisfactory, which is why my eyes lit up when I spotted the Wheelbarrow Booster on the you garden website. Essentially a large bag which slots into your wheelbarrow (and stays open) it boosts the wheelbarrow’s capacity by as much as 300%. It can be used for any lightweight but bulky garden waste or lightweight mulches. No point in filling it with heavy materials – the barrow would be unmovable!

screengrab of yougarden website When you take a look at the you garden website you’ll find a range of helpful garden essentials as well as bulbs,flowers, a selection of fruit and veg plants, and of course the Wheelbarrow booster.
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One thought on “Wheelbarrow Booster

  • January 14, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    What a brilliant little gadget, I use a large builders bag the type they deliver bulk sand in but when the leaves are wet it get very very heavy. I will look out for the barrow extension and save my back.

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